Explore how YOU can take your career to the next level through adventure travel coaching

with Steven D. Brand, The Wilderness Coach.

Escape with a purpose!

Unplug and connect!

  • Outward into the great outdoors
  • Inward for a fiercely honest self-inventory
  • Upward to a refreshed career/life trajectory

Adventure Travel Coaching™ provided the perfect environment for Steve to help me crystalize my life’s goals and to discuss ways to achieve them.

W. E. Hames


Adventure Travel Coaching

Steve empowers his clients to plan a course for their lives based on an equilibrium that gives honor and priority to all the key areas of their lives.

As your adventure travel coach Steve will take you on a systematic, yet personal process that can help sustain deep intimate relationships. enriched friendship, with peers and colleagues and create a focused personal energy.

Personality Profile

The Wilderness Coach™ uses PRO-Development™ as a pre-trip snapshot of your personal mission, competencies and style. This unique and powerful tool uses cutting edge convergence technology to assess who you are, where you’re going, why you may be experiencing discontent and what you can do about it.

Adventure Travel Coaching Expedition

Steve Brand, personal success coach, provides a unique combination of outdoor adventure and life coaching through a personal retreat known as an Adventure Travel Coaching Expedition.

An Adventure Travel Coaching Expedition provides a unique form of adventure coaching in a wilderness environment to create a synergy of breathtaking scenery, solitude, rigorous exercise and insightful leadership.

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