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Steve specializes in coaching senior-level corporate executives and highly driven, self-employed entrepreneurs

At different times in our lives, we find ourselves longing to make a change. We end up in a place where we need to do something different in order to reawaken the joy we once had, but seem to have lost. Whether your goal is to decompress from a demanding routine, find balance in a hectic lifestyle or reconnect with your “true self”, Adventure Travel Coaching™ will help you redistribute the weight of your current situation and rediscover your passion for career, relationships and life.

Frequently, very driven men and women achieve only a one-dimensional success revolving around their career and financial rewards. Too often these same men and women have a nagging guilt about other key areas in their lives that are “malnourished”. They feel their success is precarious, fragile and insecure. Adventure Travel Coaching™ helps one achieve a balanced multi-dimensional success by focusing on a comprehensive career/life strategy.

Steven D. Brand is an executive success coach. He empowers his clients to plan a course for their lives based on an equilibrium that gives honor and priority to all the key areas of their lives. As your executive success coach, Steve will take you through a systematic, yet personal, process that can help sustain deep intimate relationships, enriched friendships with peers and colleagues and create a new career trajectory.

You will tap into your true self and embark on a journey where you are more in-tune with your own “highest and best use”. Steve specializes in helping both senior-level corporate executives and highly driven, self-employed entrepreneurs find a more balanced and rewarding career. Steve understands the rigors and rewards of corporate America. He also is acutely aware of the challenges of being a self-employed entrepreneur.

In building a career, many times the inner self suffers from neglect while business goals get most of one’s attention. People often have the fear that redistributing energy on oneself would jeopardize their financial success. Nothing could be farther from the truth. A healthy equilibrium will bring deeper joy, greater security and a more enriched, sustainable success!

Adventure Travel Coaching™ sessions can be purchased in packages of either four forty-five minutes sessions a month, or twelve forty-five minute sessions per quarter.

The one month package is $595.00 and the recommended three month session is $1,495.00. Imagine altering the course of your career and attaining a multi-dimensional success and deep, gratifying work/life balance.

Steve will schedule your appointments as soon as payment arrives.
Daytime and evening slots are normally available from Monday-Thursday.

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